Handle Natural Disasters



Natural disasters occur all the time. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc can occur at any time and these disasters can effect anyone. Its good to have a plan in place to be able to rebuild if a natural disaster was to occur.

Know your insurance. Usually natural disasters occur without anyone knowing and they usually occur when people are not properly insured. Homeowners Insurance only covers a limited amount and often it doesn’t cover all the type of natural disasters that you may be prone to.

If you do not have homeowners insurance, then at the very least you should have replacement coverage. This way the costs for replacing your home will be covered. Each policy though will specifically state what they will cover and will state if you need additional coverage for anything else.

Every few years you should have your home reassessed so that your policies represent your home value. If you installed new flooring, or you finished a room, then you will need to update your policy as needed. A guaranteed replacement policy will help rebuild your home and may include other home improvement upgrades that you have done.

In order to cover your belongings, you need to have a detailed list of things you have in your home and this list should be updated ever year. Serial numbers, pictures and descriptions of everything should be included. This will help speed along the claim process and can help with tax deductions. If you want to make sure your list is accurate and has everything you need, then ask your insurance agent what they would like to see in the claim. Just make sure you consider additional coverage for your costly expensive items such as jewelry or electronic equipment.

You may be wondering if you still need coverage if you’re renting. The answer is yes. Any insurance that your landlord carries will only cover the building but it will not cover your personal belongings. If you live in an area that is known for natural disasters, then you should look into renters insurance. Renters insurance is cheap and can help replace the cost of your personal possessions.

One idea to add is to make sure you have a good place to store all your important documents in case something was to happen. You could rent a safety deposit box, etc. This way if a natural disaster was to occur, you will have your documents protected. You should also store away an emergency kit that would contain everything you could bring in case you had to leave because of a natural disaster.

If you can take the steps above, you’ll be prepared to recover after a natural disaster. You can also take things a step further and install hurricane shutters on your home. Not only will this will help protect against natural disasters but it also can lower your insurance. Additional ideas can be learned through your local firefighter, building inspector and utility company.

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